Happy Columbus Day Quotes

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Happy Columbus Day Quotes

Happy Columbus Day Quotes: Happy Columbus Day is a day to celebrate the discovery of America! On this particular day, it’s essential to reflect on the accomplishments of Christopher Columbus and his impact on our world. Whether you’re looking for some inspiring words or want to wish someone a Happy Columbus Day, here are some quotes that capture the spirit of the day. From heartfelt sentiments to lighthearted jokes, these quotes will help you find the perfect way to celebrate this special occasion with family and friends.

List Of Happy Columbus Day Quotes

  • “Stop Columbus Day NOW!” You may be interested in this post also: Happy Columbus Day, 2023
  • “It is okay to do Genocide for a place?” You may be interested in this post also: Happy Columbus Day Wishes
  • “Are you celebrating a mass murderer?”
  • “Let us give it a second thought.”
  • “The day when Red Indian got tortured.”
  • “Stop the chaos, and it’s just Columbus Day.”
  • “Abolish Columbus Day because we say no to genocide.”
  • “Not worth being a federal holiday.”
  • “Raise your voice, not your glass of wine.”
  • “America discovered by Columbus or red Indians?”
  • “A man like Columbus does not deserve to be celebrated.”
  • “What is there to celebrate Columbus Day?”
  • “Tortured people, genocide, and enslaving”
  • “It is the day to commend who has a place with this land, who have acquired the characteristics of this land.”
  • “Look deeper; this is indigenous land; put indigenous individuals first. I need to praise this nativism of the land and the general population.”
  • “I need to praise the locals of this land today; I need to express gratitude toward them to continue dealing with this heritage.”
  • “This isn’t just a triumph against colonization, yet, in addition, a stage forward to respect the intensity of indigenous networks in this nation.”
  • “All states should respect and perceive Native Americans, the absolute first occupants of this land.”
  • “I assume a Columbus Day sale means I can go into that store and take everything I want.”
  • “Let’s celebrate Columbus Day by drinking Sangria, getting lost, and stealing someone’s stuff.”
  • “Because the idea behind celebrating Columbus Day is kind of bogus.”
  • “America’s one of the finest countries anyone ever stole.”
  • “Perhaps, after all, America never has been discovered. I would say that it had merely been detected.”
  • “We are seeing healing among the stolen generations and initiatives enabling people to make their distinctive contribution to our national life.”
  • “Solutions will not be found While Indigenous People are treated as victims for whom someone else must find solutions.”
  • “Christopher Columbus, as everyone knows, is honored by posterity because he was the last to discover America.”
  • “This is a critical advance towards guaranteeing that our accounts are being heard and our legacy is being perceived and inspired.”
  • “Let’s celebrate Columbus Day by walking into someone’s house and telling them we live there now.”
  • “What a pity, when Christopher Columbus discovered America, that he ever mentioned it.”
  • “Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World”
  • “One can never cross the Ocean unless he dares to lose sight of the shore”
  • “The significance of Columbus’s discovery was that on a round earth, humanity is more interconnected than on a flat one. On a round Earth, the two most distant points are closer together than they are on a flat Earth”
  • “It is hoped that with God’s help, some of the hidden continents in the Ocean will be discovered for the Glory of God”
  • “If Columbus had an advisory committee, he would probably still be at the dock”
  • “In all parts of the Old World and the New, it was evident that Columbus had kindled a fire in every mariner’s heart. That fire was the harbinger of a new era, for it was not to be extinguished.” 
  • “Young men! I invite you to an honest, prayerful heart study. Every man has in himself a continent of undiscovered character. Happy is he who acts the Columbus to his soul!” 
  • “One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a long time.” 
  • America’s one of the finest countries anyone ever stole.” 
  • “Be a Columbus. Smell the fragrance of the new lands and discover them.” 
  • “Columbus’s real achievement was successfully crossing the ocean in both directions.”
  • “The sea will grant each man new hope, and sleep will bring dreams of home.”

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